Babak Abdolghafari Atelier – Doctrine

“Ruin is ruin
every structure is on the path of ruination”

In this cataclysmic world of today and among the crowd’s illusion of being ‎knowledgeable, he based his approach on things that ‎‘‎are not‎ ‘‎and not those that ‎‎‘‎are‎‘‎.

This return is a return to another world,
a familiar one,
simple, but deep,
in which man as a pivot in the form of a tall standing cypress – but left and abandoned ‎‎- is seeking his lost place.

He sees profession in this way;
it seems that the architect deals with three things:
human, earth, and design which is the medium.

All concentration is on one question: How the responsibility of ‘being human’ could be taken while man has not truly understood.

  1. Human, firstly, as an Artifex and then, the user with all of
    its complicated psychic phases and hidden layers within;
  1. Earth – and place as its representative – which is the scaled
     macrocosm and house as a womb embracing the human;
  1. And design which is a decision based on consciousness in
    accordance with accepting the one and rejecting many.

These are personal criteria for ‎‘‎what is not architecture‎‎’‎‎ and it refuses to claim, ‎‘‎what is architecture.‎‎’‎‎