2A Continental Architectural Award

Dubai, Manipal University

2nd place winner of 2ACAA 2023
“Bagh-e Khour” Project
Category: Future
Date: December, 2023​

“Ruin is ruin, and
every structure is on the path of ruination”

What seems to me as more fundamental than architecture, awards, and events is the reality of life itself and how we really confront it.
Human beings are essentially composed of mind and body.
But The man of our time, with his inverted ideals, has undergone two centuries of dual destruction: mental and physical.

The mental destruction: that’s what is happening in the so called developed countries.
Technology and modern laws are now reigning over man. Just like robots, he’s been dominated by information and media. Man’s essential freedom, [that is] his great possession, is taken away from him.
For centuries, man cannot say NO anymore! He’s given himself to the hands of what modernity has brought him and that is solitude.

The physical destruction: that is happening in the under-developed countries, [that’s to say] the Middle East, the region of wars whose rivers run by the blood of men and children. Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, and the last year the Women-Life-Freedom movement in Iran. They all, made us mourn for our sisters and brothers, and now is Gaza’s turn.
Those Cities and houses have become pasturelands of future mass builders and
there we see homeless people who form the population of labor resources for western capitalism; [all this is] in exchange for only bread and shelter!

To make it short, we› ve got two types of imprisonment:
First, the mental prison that makes East as if it’s a place where Westerners could find their lost spirituality through the mountains of Tibet, Nepal and India.
[and] second, the physical prison which depicts the West as if it’s the utopian state for Easterners, thus they will strive for their primary rights which was never achieved.

And between these two unsteady poles, it seems that the traditional people of remote villages are the last beating hearts of humanity on earth.

To communicate the whole idea, in this very short time, seems a little naive. 
But everything I expressed could be [exactly] translated into the language of architecture. because, Architecture, like any other craft, is a manifestation of life itself.

I hope for the false fantasy that the world could be a place to live peacefully.
and particularly I hope for a regaining of all lost human dignity and rights,
in mental and physical ruins..

Babak Abdolghafari Atelier – 2A award 2023
Babak Abdolghafari Atelier – 2A award 2023
Babak Abdolghafari Atelier – 2A award 2023
Babak Abdolghafari Atelier – 2A award 2023
Babak Abdolghafari Atelier – 2A award 2023