“Home, Beyond Home”​

Tehran, Iran

Iranian Artists Forum
April, 2024

Babak Abdolghafari Atelier – "Home, Beyond Home"​

A proposed plan
Based on the method of confrontation and experience
To overcome the current situation
In the framework of the grand narrative of “Free Architecture Tradition”
Which is a deliberate effort purified from any claims.

The approach is a review of two issues:
The act of teaching
and the subject of teaching; architecture

The general body of the plan is the result of two questions:
– What is the truth of architecture? (Theoretical framework)
– How can we approach it? (Practical exercise)

– Theoretical framework:
In our opinion, every constructive action has three essential parts:
1- Refinement and precision of the question
2- Adoption of a precise method
3- Presentation of a relevant answer

Contemporary man, devoid of will, due to his historical forgetfulness, has lost the necessary relationships to ask the right question and adopt the appropriate method.
Therefore, the condition for retrieving identity in the current situation depends on
1- Self and other recognition
2- Accurate understanding of the requirements of the time
We know that the combination of these two will guarantee a practical answer.
And of course, we believe that we should not go around in circles
The answer is right next to the right question
It only requires a little insight and aided eyes.

– Practical exercise:
The ultimate goal of the architect is to move from the tangible space to the discovery of the second space (intermediary)
In this transition, creation becomes embodied in the “place”
In our narrative, place is derived from “home” and “beyond home”;
Where “home” shapes the central narrative based on its depth and complexity,
And “beyond home” is a complement representing any other place.
These two spatial statements are analyzed and practiced in parallel
To intertwine the organized theoretical possibilities in the spirit and body of the architecture.